A Christ centered ministry showing the kindness of Jesus to those in need while working with community partners to provide our neighbors basic needs and personal growth opportunities.

Stocking the Home

Through donations and some purchases, CSC is able to help a family stock a kitchen with items that ensure families have the ability to prepare food. These include coffee pots, microwave ovens and vacuum cleaners.  The ministry also supplies towels and linens when needed, as well as other household items which are donated.

We often have neighbors who come here for such items – due to getting a house or apartment for their own or having come to Abilene to start over due to a divorce, death in the family or leaving an abusive situation.  It is a joy to be able to help these folks rebuild their lives by providing kitchen items and other household goods to set up their new living space.

A number of mothers who cannot afford high chairs, strollers or other needed items for their babies and toddlers are thrilled to find what they need at the Service Center.